It could the difference between winning and losing, plus the safety of yourself and others competing or practicing in this sport.

Referee signals

Here are short videos demonstrating referee signals for different penalties.

IJF Judo Rules, 2022-2024, next Olympic cycle, Paris 2024

Here is the latest YouTube video hosted by Neil Adams, the leading commentator of IJF events, reviewing the latest rule changes.

The Rules of Judo (Don’t Do This)

This video, The Rules of Judo (Don’t Do This), is more entertaining. But don’t do this, especially in front of Osugi Sensei. Then, you’ll surely remember not to do it again. For Juniors, it could mean winning a white belt.Hiroyuki Akimoto is a former 2010 World Champion @ 73 kg and now designs his line of BJJ/Judo gear, Kimono Fighter