We are eternally grateful to start Judo practice this year at Venice Judo Club as we await the Grand Opening of Flip1stGymnastics. Thank you to the Venice Judo Club, especially to Trace, Trent, & Tara Nishiyama Senseis to your club to our membership.

We began Judo practice last Tuesday 10 January @ 7:00 pm at Venice Judo Club. Our initial plans to begin practice at Flip1stGymnastics on Monday 9 January have changed due to construction delays. We will now plan on start Judo practice at Flip1stGymnastics in late January/early February. For the interim, Venice Judo Club has opened their Dojo for us to practice.

Venice Judo Club

Venice Japanese Community Center

12448 Braddock Dr.

Los Angeles, CA. 90066

For the next few weeks, we will be practicing there.

Their hours

Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm

Friday 7:00-9:00 pm

During the school year, they finish earlier on Tuesday nights.

At Venice Judo Club, their entire membership workouts at the same time, Juniors & Seniors at the same time. They have enough mats to cover an entire basketball court, which would be 3 times the area of our mat area. So, we should have space to split the mat area for a joint Juniors & Seniors practice.

Please make sure that you turn in your COVID waiver forms and parking instructions for the Venice Japanese Community Center. The forms were sent to our active membership in a prior email. You will be denied access if you do not complete these forms and present them to the Venice Judo Club administrator, Kevin Murchan.

In the spirit of Jita Kyoei, mutual welfare, and benefit, we request that everyone from Sawtelle Judo Dojo, Senior members and the parents, relatives, and friends of our Junior members assist in the setup and cleanup the mats as soon as the basketball session ends at 7:00 pm. With everyone’s assistance, it should take about 10-15 minutes to rollout the mat pallets, layout the mats in rows of 11 across, and with a red mat area on the far end. Once the mats are down, get ready for practice. In advance, you may get dressed in the Women’s room on the far end of the gymnasium on the left side. The men may change in the restroom in the glass foyer visible to the left of the main gym entrance to the left. The blue Men’s room sign is visible on the left side of the foyer.

The Venice Japanese Community Center has a very true sense and value of community. It shows in their mutual circle of trust. Let’s show our extreme gratitude for letting us practice there while we wait for Flip1stGymnastics opens.