Be consistent and practice as much as possible

Be on-time

If you are late for class, bow onto the mat, greet the Sensei, and warm up and stretch out before exercising and especially before performing ukemi, uchikomi, nagekomi, and engage in randori.

On the mat, focus, watch, listen, and perform the techniques to the best of your abilities. Ask questions if you need help understanding something.

To accelerate your learning, especially our Juniors, write down what you learned in class: what was taught, what the steps to performing a technique, what you learned today that you already did not know, and what you could do on your own to get better. Write down what you did today that surprised you and what you accomplished. What are your Judo goals, and what are the steps to getting there?

Mastering Judo takes time. It is not like downloading an app. It requires patience, practice, and discipline.

Hydrate throughout the day. If you’re dehydrated, you’re liable to cramp or be exhausted during practice.

Go to the restroom before practice

During practice, do not drink too much water

Bring a gym bag

Wear beach sandals/flip-flops while off the mat, walking on the floor, going to the restroom or changing room.

Bring your water 

Please bring a gym bag, water bottle, other drinks, and beach sandals on the first day.  When you are off the Judo mat, everyone must wear their footwear so they do not track dirt back onto the carpets, especially from the restroom. 

Wash your Judogi between practices. Wash your Judogi only in cold water. Do not use bleach. Hang dry your Judogi after each wash. Do not wash your Judo belt. It will shrink very quickly and begin to look like a “bow tie” if you do so.

Bring a warm change of clothes after a hard, sweaty workout to prevent muscle tightness and colds.

Take home everything that you brought with you to practice.

Assist in the clean-up of our Dojo at the end of the Senior practice.

Vacuum mat free of any debris

Spray disinfectant on mat

Wet mop mat and spread disinfectant evenly over surface

Flush toilet

Throw out trash into bins

Clear bar of any trash, leftover items like water bottle

Turn off digital clock

Turn off the overhead TV monitor

Turn off the fan & air purifier

Remove any trash or left items from the changing room

Turn off lights; bathroom, mat, lobby, and changing room

Make sure the front steel doors facing Pico Blvd. are closed and locked

Lock gate

Lock steel door locks with key

Drive out of the parking lot safely. Other drivers use this parking lot during rush hour as a shortcut to turn south on Sawtelle Blvd.

Watch out for the interesting vagrants under the Expo Line.