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Kodokan Judo

-This link to the Kodokan Judo’s YouTube channel demonstrates the style of basic Kodokan Judo.

Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Black Belt Association) est. 1928

-Our Dojo is a member club of this association that organizes and hosts local Judo tournaments for Judokas (Judo players) in the Southern California area.

United States Judo Federation (USJF)

-The USJF is our grassroots sanctioning body that governs Nanka Judo and other Yudanshakais in the nation.

USA Judo

-USA Judo, as the National Governing Body (NGB) and member of the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee, enables all United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in domestic and international judo competition, and the promotion and growth of the sport of Judo in the United States.

Helpful Resources

Judo competition rules

-These rules change every Olympic cycle to enhance the sport.

Quick Guide to Judo

-presented by the Voice of International Judo Federation (IJF) color commentator and former World Champion, Neil Adams, Great Britain,

Conduct on the Mat

A summary of how to conduct yourself in our Dojo and on the mat.

Quick Guide to Olympic Judo

IJF Judo Rules

-detailed breakdown of Judo rules

The Rules of Judo/Don’t Do This

-An entertaining look at what not to do at Judo tournaments


Taking care of your Judogi and Judo belt.

How to wear your Judogi properly

How to tie your Judo belt-practice style

-Appearance is important. It’s your branding. Yes, Judo practice gets loud at times.

Rank promotion study guides

Junior Promotion Guidelines

Junior promotion guidelines, ages 6-12, from White to Purple Belt

USJF Shodan Study Guide

-rank promotion testing requirements for 1st Degree Black Belt

USJF Ikkyu Study Guide

-rank promotion testing requirements for 1st Rank Brown Belt

USJF Nikyu Study Guide

-rank promotion testing requirements for 2nd Rank Brown Belt

USJF Sankyu Study Guide

-rank promotion testing requirements for 3rd Rank Brown Belt

USJF Yonkyu Study Guide

-rank promotion testing requirements for Green Belt