1st JUDO TOURNAMENT for 2022

Ian Zhang, Junior Orange belt, and Maurice Axel Cruz-Morales, Senior Sankyu, competed at today’s Taishi Judo Tournament. This tournament marks the first local Judo tournament held in two years since the outbreak of COVID shutdown Judo activities in March 2020. With the pent-up demand, there was a huge, overflowing turnout of over 600 competitors for this tournament crowded into the packed gymnasium at Westminster High School, Westminster, CA.

The ever hardworking, disciplined, and dedicated, Ian Zhang, won all three of his matches decisively and in short-order taking home a well-deserved Gold medal. Maurice later finished the night with three matches in a highly contested lightweight Brown/Black Belt division.

Thank you to all who supported this mega-marathon event. The tournament ended in the early evening hours this Sunday. Thank you to Hugo Rey, Eduardo Medrano, Patricia Claus, and Adrian Mendoza for assisting at one of the score tables today. Thank you to Osugi Sensei for refereeing. Thank you to Maurice Axel Cruz-Morales for coaching Ian today to victory.

Congratulations to the Taishi Judo Club, and head instructor Rob Oishi, for a very successful tournament. It was the Taishi Judo Club’s 2020 tournament that was canceled just days before their Sunday’s tournament back in 2020. Taishi Judo Club is located Torrance, CA,

Welcome new members to our Juniors’ class

Maurice Chagar

Eowyn Huang-Concannon

Scout Huang-Concannon

August Sone

Quiz of the week-Can you name the 53 Ippons of 2021?

As our 2022 begins, here is an inspirational video compilation of spectacular, lightning quick Judo techniques performed on the International Judo Federation circuit, “Best of Judo in 2021 Motivational Highlights – Royalty (柔道 2021).” Challenge and test yourselves, watch carefully, maybe watch over and over again until you fully understand . Don’t blink as there are 53 techniques in less than just three minutes. Scroll down below for the answers by Osugi Sensei.

Luchia Torro visits again

Last Wednesday, Luchia Torro became Shodan, 1st degree, Black Belt. This past Wednesday, Luchia walked in as a videographer recording for a Sawtelle Judo Dojo commercial which she will also edit and produce.  She has already produced video for Nanka Judo and for climate activism. Could Luchia Torro become a name like Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spielberg, Marshall, Bigelow, Coppola, etc? Here’s the videographer in action.

National Collegiate Judo Championships

Three former Sawtelle Judo Dojo attended the National Collegiate Judo Championships at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, on Saturday 12 March.

Marisol Torro, Stanford University-Gold

Kohtaroh Uchida, University of Hawaii

Kohsei Imada, Orange Coast College-Gold

This is a FISU World University Games Points Qualifying event. The next FISU World University Games is slated for 8-19 August 2023, in Ekaterina, Russia.

Congratulations to all of them for competing at this event. They are all off to undergraduate and graduate studies. Kohtaroh is pursuing becoming a doctor, Marisol in bioengineering, and Kohsei in aerospace engineering.

Hollywood Judo Dojo Scrimmage- Sunday, 6 March

Yesterday, twelve from competed at the Hollywood Judo Dojo Seniors’ Scrimmage. It was very well run completing all 31 matches in less than one hour before the pizza arrived. So, we had some exhibition matches for anyone who volunteered to get some extra mat time. You can watch the entire scrimmage on Tatami Talk’s TWITCH channel. The competition begins @ 40:00 minutes into the recording. Instead of white and blue belts for scoring, the competitors wore red and white sashes, Kohaku (red/white).

Sawtelle Judo members competing at Hollywood Judo Scrimmage

Emma Chacon Yonkyu (Green)

Miska Kajanus Yonkyu (Green)

George Ishii Ikkyu

Tae Ho Kim Yonkyu (Green)

Miguel Maia Yonkyu (Green)

Brian Selem Sankyu

Dmitriy Karpov Sankyu

Dr. Michael Damavandi Sankyu

Maurice Axel Cruz-Morales Sankyu

Stefano Cossu Sankyu

Harry Morris Yonkyu (Green)

Kevin Watanabe Purple

Thanks to the others who came out to support our members at the scrimmage, Senseis Mike Trelinski, Julius Bhang, Pamela Moye, Yazmin Bojaca, Jerry Hazemoto and Adrian Mendoza. Their next scrimmage will be in June as Hollywood Judo Dojo celebrates its 90th anniversary on 15 May 2022. If you did not already know Hollywood Judo Dojo and Sawtelle Judo Dojo were founded by Tadashi Kikuchi Sensei, in 1932 and 1927, respectively.

Luchia Torro joins the ranks of the Yudansha (Black Belts) WOW!!

Last Wednesday, Luchia Torro was awarded her Shodan, 1st degree, Black Belt from the venerable Osugi Sensei. Starting as a tiny six-year-old, the Stanford-bound, the now seventeen-year-old, is a now budding videographer and climate activist. She literally follows in her older sister’s footsteps, Marisol, competing on the IJF circuit and joining Marisol later this fall at Stanford, too. At such young ages, they are simply “walk on water.”

For class, she demonstrated her Tai Otoshi with Baba Sensei.

“We would like to express our gratitude for all that you have taught Luchia. Judo has instilled in her so many important qualities of perseverance, dedication, and humility. Thank you for being her guide and mentor all these years. We are so proud to be part of Sawtelle Judo Dojo.”-Lori Quon, mother of Luchia Torro-

Like stars, Luchia has journeyed a long way to arrive at this point. The universe is in front of her and at her grasp. She’ll forge her own path from now on.

Mike Trelinski Sensei promoted to Nidan

Also, last Wednesday, Mike Trelinski Sensei officially received his Nidan certificate from Osugi Sensei. He had received months before during our COVID shutdown. While he is not teaching our Adaptive Judo and Seniors’ classes, Trelinski Sensei is a USA Judo Referee and a USJF Instructor. He is also instrumental in developing our tournament application for online registration, pooling, and scoring. He is our resident tech guy. We expect that he will be up to many other things in the future. We are always looking up to him, anyways.

Enter our Dojo-masks are optional

For the time being, we ask for your cooperation as we have our Dojo protocols to insure the health and well-being of our membership.

Following the latest LA Public Health Dept. guidelines, and since we have a vaccinated membership, beginning today Monday 28 February, masks are optional during workouts, in all of our Adaptive, and Seniors’ classes. You may continue to wear your masks if you would like. For our Juniors’ class, we will continue to wear masks until further notice following latest LA Public Health Dept. guidelines and LAUSD school/COVID protocols.

As members and visitors enter our Dojo, as protocol, they will ask the following questions.

Did you read yesterday’s newsletter? If not, they will receive a copy of the following text.

Have you been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks?

Have you been COVID vaccinated & boosted? When did you receive your booster? Has it been more than five months since you received your initial vaccination shots? If so, get your booster shot, now?

Here is a list of reminders for our members as they return to practice.

As before, we will still follow our standard protocol for our memberships. To enter our Dojo and to either watch, or practice with everyone else, you must be fully vaccinated if they are eligible to be vaccinated. It is for the health and safety of each other.

  • If you do not feel well, have a sore throat, coughing, or sick, just stay home. We regularly exchange sweat with no complaint, but no viruses.
  • Cut your fingernails and toenails short and make them smooth before practice in order to minimize torn nails or cut skin. If you do get cut or get blood on your Judogi, we have hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound or Judogi and band-aids and tape to cover cuts.
  • Clean your hands and feet before you arrive to our Dojo.
  • Bring your surgical or N95 masks, your beach sandals/slippers, change of warm clothes, gym bag and own water with your name on it.
  • Wash your Judogi before each practice. For everyone’s safety, make sure that there are no holes or tears in the jackets (uwagi) or pants (zambon). Do not wash your Judo belt as it will shrink excessively.
  • Please park in the school parking lot. If both sides are full, park as close to the auditorium as possible facing the building like a valet park. If you are blocking any vehicles, they are usually the instructors. If someone needs to leave, we will identify the vehicle to be moved. If you park on the street, use metered parking only, otherwise you may make a generous donation to the City’s parking department. The residential area is permit parking only.
  • Before you bow-in to enter our Dojo, please clean your hands using hand sanitizer on the table and conduct your temperature check. If you have an abnormally high temperature, everyone will know by its alarm. You will be asked to go home.
  • Change into your Judogi in the changing rooms. Wear your Judogi, always tie your Judo belt, wear your mask and slippers and bring down your water bottle downstairs to our mat area.
  • Before you bow onto the mat, leave your water bottle on the small desks near the foot cleaning station. Use the foot cleaning station to clean your feet. There are two parts to this foot cleaning station. The first part is a wet station pad saturated with hand sanitizing solution. Thoroughly wet your feet in it and then step over to the other foot station to dry your feet. From the dry station, bow before stepping onto the mat. The action of bowing is a show of gratitude or thanks.

We want to ensure the safest practice environment as possible for our membership to prevent COVID infections. We are also looking into other preventative measures against COVID-19 infections as well. Wash your Judogi clean, cut and file your finger and toenails smooth and short, and look the part when you return. We will continue to follow the LA County mask mandate until further notice. Everyone entering our Dojo must be fully vaccinated and boosted, when eligible. No exceptions. If you have been with someone that has tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks, please show proof of a negative test. We are on the honor system.

Kodomo no Kata

For our Juniors, please review the first two minutes of this Kodomo no Kata video.

-Dressing yourself

-Tying your belt

-Performing a standing bow (Ritsurei)

-Performing a sitting bow (Zarei)

Planning to join our Dojo

If you plan to register and join our Dojo for Judo practice, complete your online USJF membership and monthly subscription. Bring in your complete and signed Judogi. Arrive 30 minutes before class starts to provide enough time to review your enrollment form and fit you into your new Judogi if you do not already have one. For more information or assistance in enrollment, please contact us at sawtellejudo@gmail.com or 310 463-4962. You are always welcome to visit. However, please show proof of vaccination as all members and visitors must be vaccinated and boosted when eligible.

“The way one takes care of how one looks and dresses in daily life, the same care and attention are required when we put on a judogi to practice judo, whether it’s for physical exercise, randori, or in a competition.”
“At every moment it’s important to be as flawless as possible.” “Whenever a randori ends, before greeting and thanking the partner, and as a sign of respect to him or her, we must ensure that the judogi and belt are in order.”
“This habit allows us to be ready to greet our next companion in a proper way.”
-Maestro Hiroshi Katanishi – 8th DAN- during Tre Torri International Judo Summer Camp.

Kodokan Judo YouTube Channel videos

For your reference, here is the link for the Kodokan Judo YouTube Channel with a large assortment of Judo demonstration videos. Learn to associate the names of each technique with the actual execution of each technique.

The answer to this week’s Judo “53 Ippons of 2021”

Below are the answers to the 53 Ippons demonstrated on the YouTube video.

  1. Hiza Guruma
  2. Uchimata
  3. Soto Gaeshi/O Soto Gari
  4. Uki Goshi/O Goshi
  5. Harai Tsurikomi Ashi
  6. Kata Guruma
  7. Ippon Seoi Nage
  8. Ko Soto Gake
  9. Yoko Tomoe Nage
  10. Obi Tori Gaeshi
  11. Sode Tsurikomi Goshi
  12. Uchimata
  13. De Ashi Barai
  14. Utsuri Goshi
  15. Okuri Eri Jime (Bow & arrow choke)
  16. Yoko Tomoe Nage to Juji Gatame
  17. Ura Nage
  18. Ko Uchi Gari to Ko Uchi Gake
  19. Sode Tsurikomi Goshi
  20. Seoi Otoshi
  21. Uchi Gari entry to Uchimata
  22. Soto Gaeshi
  23. Tomoe Nage
  24. Ashi Guruma
  25. Uchimata
  26. Ko Uchi Gari to De Ashi Barai
  27. Ashi Guruma
  28. O Soto Gari to Tani Otoshi
  29. Yoko Otoshi/Tani Otoshi
  30. Utsuri Goshi
  31. O Soto Gari
  32. Ura Nage
  33. De Ashi Barai
  34. Ko Uchi Gake
  35. O Soto Gaeshi
  36. O Uchi Gari
  37. Ura Nage
  38. Ippon Seoi Nage..Tani Otoshi
  39. Ippon Seoi Nage
  40. Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
  41. Tsurikomi Goshi
  42. Soto Makikomi
  43. De Ashi Barai
  44. Ko Soto Gari
  45. Uchimata
  46. Uki Goshi-Utsuri Goshi or Ko Tsuri Goshi
  47. Yagura Nage
  48. O Soto Gari
  49. O Uchi Gari
  50. Nidan Ko Soto Gari
  51. Seoi Nage (Kata Eri Seoi Nage)
  52. Ko Soto Gari
  53. O Goshi