All transactions made be online.

To pay your monthly tuition subscription, please select from the available categories:

Initial fees are as follows.

New member enrollment fee-$30

Monthly subscription-$80/month for Juniors, & Seniors

Little Kids Monthly Subscription-$80/month for Little Kids, 4-6 years old

Judogi -$56 & up, depending on size 

Judo belts-$10 (promotion belts granted)

USJF membership (annual, 12 months)-$70/each

Monthly subscription
Here is our new monthly subscription service that we have instituted. Click the link to open this page directly. Then, click, “Add to cart.”
This will refresh the page with a purple header indicating, “Monthly Tuition Subscription” has been added to your cart.“Monthly Tuition Subscription” has been added to your cart.
To the right of this statement, then, click on the tab, “View cart.”

On this page, review your cart. You may also add a separate donation to our Dojo. Then, click on, “Proceed to checkout.”
On the next page, please complete your billing and credit card information. Then, click on, “Place order.” You have completed your transaction and should immediately receive an email confirmation. Once you enroll, your account will be credited every 30 days.

USJF membership

We encourage people to enroll in the United States Judo Federation (USJF) annual membership online. If you register your USJF membership online, you will not need to complete the USJF membership application. The USJF is our Judo sanctioning body. All members are required to have current USJF membership.  On this USJF membership application.

  • for Judo Rank & Rank # (#18), if you are new to Judo, indicate, ‘White.” If you have prior experience, let us discuss this part before you complete this part. All Black Belts should be able to identify their rank number with their promotion certificate. If you are an adult, who had experience as a child, but has not done Judo since, let us discuss this part.
  • for Club/Dojo (#21), indicate, “Sawtelle Judo Dojo.”
  • for the Yudanshakai (#22), indicate, “Nanka.” (It means Southern California in Japanese.)
  • for Name & Address of Beneficiary (#23), indicate close kin. This is a life insurance beneficiary.

Once your USJF membership application is completed. please forwarded your email receipt to for membership verification.


You will have to come in and try on the best Judogi for you. We have an inventory of Judogis in assorted sizes.