From on now, we will post blogs on a weekly basis. We will include stories, tournament news and other Dojo-related information. Stay tuned on our Dojo’s pending re-opening in the next few weeks. We shall return.

Sawtelle Judo Dojo’s newest members

Please welcome our newest members to our Seniors’ class, Scott Maccarone and Jennifer Ly.

Beach Run

Our beach runs continue at Tower 24, Santa Monica Beach from 10:00-11:30 am. Bring water and be on time. We will warm up with a long, slow distance jog. Then, perform sprint intervals with a series of calisthenics each time through the soft sand for the next hour.

From now on, we will alternate the beach run days for Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:30 am, a full 90-minute, high heart rate, HIIT workout. Here is the beach run/hike schedule for through the end of June.

Sunday 24 May @ 10:00 am

Saturday/Sunday 30/31 May no beach

Sunday 6 June @ 10:00 am Mesa Peak hike

Saturday 12 June @ 12:00 am

Sunday 20 June @ 10:00 am

Saturday 26 June @ 10:00 am

Bring your own water, and snacks. If it is hot, bring your swimwear and take a dip in the ocean for a cooldown. Be advised that the parking lot will fill quicker as the weather and water gets warmer. There is street parking, some metered and some not. You can walk 10-15 minutes into the neighborhood to park above Main St. for free on the busy, summer weekends. GoogleMap “Perry’s Café and Beach Rentals 2600.”


We will return to Mesa Peak on Sunday 6 June. We had a good turnout last month with eleven making out to Malibu on a nice day. The starting point would be Castro Crest Trailhead off Corral Canyon Rd.

Upcoming tournaments

International Judo Federation (IJF) World Judo Championships Seniors-6-13 June, Budapest, Hungary

This will be the penultimate tune-up before the Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan in late July as the World’s best Judokas vie for a Gold medal in the Worlds. This will set the stage and give the victors momentum into the Games.

This is livestreamed on Ippon.TV or on YouTube.

Always leave this world a better place than how you found it.

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”-Aristotle.

“Greasing your Groove”-Pavel Tsatsouline

Jita Kyoei– “Mutual welfare and benefit”

Seiryoku Zenyo– “Maximum efficient use of energy”

Jiko no Kansei- “Strive for perfection.”