At Sawtelle Judo Dojo, the instructional staff is among the finest in the United States.  Kenji Osugi, seventh degree black belt (Shichidan), is the head instructor. Here are our other assistant instructors;

Thierry Dusigne (Godan)-Seniors

Einhard Schmidt (Godan)-Kata

Doug Baba (Yondan)-Seniors, Juniors & Adaptive Judo

Julius Bhang (Sandan)-Seniors

Jerry Hazemoto (Sandan)-Seniors, Juniors, Adaptive Judo & Little Kids

Hunter Nagai (Nidan)-Seniors

Mike Trelinski (Nidan)-Seniors, Juniors, Adaptive Judo & Little Kids

Yazmin Bojaca-Bott (Nidan)-Juniors, Adaptive Judo & Little Kids 

George Ishii (Shodan)-Seniors

Nick Sidman (Shodan)-Seniors

Matt Kobata (Shodan)-Juniors

Our head advisor is Norikazu Maeda (first degree black belt). The sixth and seventh degree black belts are allowed to wear red and white belts to distinguish their high rank in the judo world.

Judo Teaching Credentials

Our instructors have one of three levels of teaching certification, depending on their level of experience.

Assistant instructor’s certification

National Teacher’s certification

Master Teacher’s certification

These certifications are renewed on a biannual or four-year basis. There are online study and hands-on testing sessions, plus general teaching experience that includes each certification level; assistant, National, & Master Teachers’ certifications.

In addition, each instructor must have current Safesport, CDC Concussion, criminal background check, and First Aid current certification to be an instructor to insure the safety and well-being of our membership.

Coaching Credentials

Our coaches hold primary USA Judo Coaching certifications; regional, national, Continental, and International. Some coaches also hold coaching certifications from the USJF (United States Judo Federation), and/or USJA (United States Judo Association).