Newly added-Hollywood Judo Scrimmage III

Next Juniors’ In-House tournament 2022

Parents’ Tai Chi demonstration class continues this Friday

Referees’ Clinic (tentative schedule)

Next hike

Dojo tournament/event schedule

Newly added- Hollywood Judo Scrimmage III

Mark your calendars for Sunday 1 May from 12:00 noon-4:00 pm for our nest Hollywood Judo Scrimmage. This scrimmage was moved since original date, 17 April, fell on Easter Sunday. The hours have been expanded to have more competition. However, it is only opened to the first fifteen from our Dojo because of limited occupancy. Test your skills sooner.

Hollywood Judo Scrimmage IV remains on our calendar, Sunday 5 June

Referees’ Clinic

On Sunday 24 April from 10:00 am-2:00 pm,we will host a Referees’ Clinic for our members. The clinic will be hosted by Gary Takemoto, Head Instructor @ Harbor Judo Dojo. He is one of the best referees with a long list of credentials and esteemed experience.

IJF-A Referee / 2016 Rio Olympics Referee / 2022 USA Judo/IJF/PJC delegate to Lima, Peru for the 2022-2024 IJF Rules Seminar / USA Judo International Referees Development Director. He is also the Referee Chairman for Nanka Judo.

This clinic is tailored for our Seniors Brown Belts in fulfilling their Black Belt requirements and being trained as referees. This is also for our older Juniors to prepare them as Junior referees. In either case, refereeing at local tournaments will improve your focus, concentration, and overall knowledge of Judo rules, protocol, and techniques. As soon as the USJF officially sanctions this clinic, I will forward the clinic’s official registration form and pricing to you. Juniors will be eligible to referee at local tournaments at the age of 10 years old or older. This clinic will be opened to other Dojos and clubs in and outside of Nanka Judo Yudanshakai.

The clinic will be held at Jovany Varela’s Competition Team Anaconda Academy in Gardena, CA.

Anaconda Academy

13428 Normandie Ave, 

Gardena, CA 90249

Next Juniors’ In-House tournament 2022

On this Friday 29 April, starting with warmups @ 6:00 pm. Invite your friends and family. They can also watch this event via LIVE STREAMED on TWITCH @

Goshin Jutsu Kata Clinic

This advanced Kata clinic given by Osugi Sensei and Brian Mark Sensei on Saturday 30 April at Valley Judo Institute from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

Valley Judo Institute

8850 Lankershim Blvd.

Sun Valley, CA 91352

(323) 725-3090

This clinic is open to following:

  • All Judoka of Sandan rank looking to satisfy Goshin Jutsu requirements for promotion to Yodan (fourth degree black belt) and aboveAll judoka Sankyu and above; all students who have not reached the rank of Sankyu brown belt, must have Kata competition experience or be Nanka Certified Junior Referee.All Certified Judo Instructors, Coaches and Referees.Every participant is encouraged to bring a partner; there will be discount for partners.Must be current members of USJF, USJA or USA Judo.  Must bring proof of current membership and government issued picture ID.

The purpose is to teach the IJF Kodokan Goshin Jutsu standards. Provide testing for Nanka “C”

level certification. The Nanka “C” level certification will satisfy one of the requirements for

Yodan and above promotions for USJF.

$80.00 per person or $100.00 with partner (both partners must register together). If you wish to

test at the end of the clinic, the testing fee is $20.00 plus $20.00 certification fee per person. The

Testing and Certification fee will be waved for all Nanka Judo Yudanshakai members.

Lunch will be served to all paid participants; $15.00 fee for non-participants who would like to

participate in the clinic lunch program.

In preparation for this clinic, here are a series of instructional and demonstration videos.

Instructional video

Demonstration video

Here is a .pdf file reviewing Goshin Jutsu published by the Kodokan Judo Institute

Next hike

On 8 May, we will hike up Brush Canyon towards the Griffin Park Observatory in the other direction. We had 16 people join us on the Brush Canyon hike to the Hollywood Sign last Sunday. Here are photos from last Sunday’s hike.

Dojo tournament schedule

Extra Seniors Workout, every Saturday @ Hollywood Judo Dojo from 1:00-2:00 pm

Kata practices, Saturday 16 April from 9:30 am-12:00 pm @ Anaconda Academy

USJF/Nanka Referees’ Clinic, Sunday, 24 April from 10:00 am-2:00 pm, given by Gary Takemoto Sensei, @ Anaconda Academy (pending official sanctioning)

First Juniors’ In-House tournament 2022, Friday 29 April, starts with warmups @ 6:00 pm

-This event will be LIVE STREAMED on TWITCH @

Goshin Jutsu Kata practice Saturday, 30 April from 9:30 am-12:00 pm @ Valley Judo Institute

Hollywood Judo Scrimmage III, Sunday 1 May, 12:00 noon-4:00 pm

Next hike, Sunday 8 May, 10:00 am-1:30 pm

Hollywood Judo Scrimmage IV, Sunday 5 June, 12:00 noon-4:00 pm

Golden State Judo Championships, 13-15 May, Northwiew High School, Covina, CA

2022 Senior National Championships, 21-22 May, Daytona Beach, FL

Closed Memorial Day, Monday 29 May

USA Judo Junior Olympics, 24-26 June, San Jose, CA

Sensei Gary’s Birthday Scrimmage, 25 June, Claremont, CA

Closed Fourth of July, Monday 4 July

California State Games Judo Event, 17 July, San Diego, CA

USJF/USJA Summer Nationals, 21-24 July, Fort Lauderdale, FL

USA Judo Open Championships, 24 July, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

US Open Judo Championships, 28-31 July, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Closed Labor Day, Monday 5 September

Dr. Z Memorial Scrimmage, 8 October, Claremont, CA

Closed Thanksgiving Weekend, Thursday 24 November-Sunday 27 November

Last Juniors’ In-House tournament 2022, Friday 20 November, starts with warmups @ 6:00 pm

17th Annual Judo Winter Nationals, 4 December, Azusa, CA

Annual Holiday Awards & Potluck Party, Friday 9 December

Winter Holiday Shutdown, Saturday 10 December-Tuesday 3 January 2023

Dojo 2023 Re-opening, Tuesday 3 January 2023

The growing tournament schedule

As COVID restrictions ease, Judo organizations will be posting their future tournaments. More local tournaments are expected in the coming months. For more information about local, national, and international tournaments, please refer to the Nanka Judo Yudanshakai tournament/event schedule link.

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